Hidden in Plain Sight: Why We Choose to Remain Elusive

Hidden in Plain Sight: Why We Choose to Remain Elusive

Today, I'd like to shed some light on a question that many have wondered about: Why do Bigfoots, like my community in the Berkshires, choose to remain elusive to humans? The answer lies in a delicate balance of tradition, respect for nature, and a desire to protect our way of life.

Preserving Our Heritage

One of the primary reasons for our elusiveness is our commitment to preserving our cultural heritage. Our way of life, passed down through generations, is deeply rooted in the traditions of the forest and the rhythms of the Berkshires. By remaining hidden, we safeguard the wisdom and values that define us.

Respect for the Forest

The Berkshires, with its pristine forests, serene landscapes, and vibrant ecosystems, is a sanctuary for both its human and Bigfoot inhabitants. We choose to remain hidden to protect the delicate balance of nature, ensuring that our presence does not disrupt the forest's harmony.

The Weight of Misunderstanding

Over the years, there have been countless tales and stories about Bigfoots that have perpetuated misunderstandings and stereotypes. Fear and sensationalism can create a climate of distrust, which we prefer to avoid. By staying hidden, we aim to minimize potential conflicts and the harm that such misunderstandings can cause.


Preserving Our Way of Life

Our way of life, deeply connected to the forest and our community, thrives in the serenity of the Berkshires. By staying hidden, we can continue to celebrate the traditions that sustain us, from our vibrant music and storytelling to our shared moments of reflection and connection with the natural world.

Shared Moments

While we may choose to remain elusive, there are moments when we feel a deep connection with the human inhabitants of the Berkshires. Experiences like secretly attending a concert at Tanglewood or watching the moonlight cast its magic on a sled ride remind us of the bonds that connect us all.

A Balance Between Two Worlds

The choice to remain hidden is a delicate one, as it balances our desire to preserve our way of life and our deep respect for the forest with the occasional shared experiences that bridge the gap between our worlds. It's a choice that helps us coexist harmoniously with the natural world and the human communities of the Berkshires.

With furry regards, Betty, your Berkshire Bigfoot

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